July 15, 2005

STOP PRESS, guardian writer speaks sense.

Stop the press, a Guardian editorial writer says that Islamist terrorism is not the fault of the west. He goes further:
Britain has done much to help integrate Muslims. Now they must rise above their grievance culture.
A truely the most shocking statement to be found in the Guardians comment pages, not only that the west is not the source of all evil, but Britian has bent over backwards to help the people that want to come here form part of our shared british culture.
According to an ICM poll in the Guardian last year, 13% of British Muslims thought the 9/11 attacks were justified, and according to other polls as many as 25% do not identify with Britain in any way.
So he even that some of the blame for rejecting integration must be leveled at the Muslims themselves! Surely this man is a monster and must be locked up!
First, the relatively poor socioeconomic position of most British Muslims has little to do with Islamophobia or racism and a great deal to do with the fact that nearly two-thirds of British Muslims come from Pakistan and Bangladesh, often from these countries' poor, rural areas. (Indian and Arab Muslims do better.) The starting point in terms of education, skills and traditional cultural attitudes is worse for most Muslims than it is for, say, the Hindu or Chinese minorities, both of which outperform white Britons.
Blasphemy! Surely he must know the Guardian line that all Muslim problems are caused by Islamophobia? That they are pure and innocent and good and peace loving and must never be challenged or they will put a sentence of death over you?
the crude "war against Islam" rhetoric of many British Muslims is just a feelgood rallying cry. How often do Muslim leaders point out that Tony Blair favoured ground-troop intervention on behalf of European Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo? And as the Muslim peer Kishwer Falkner points out: "When Muslims are pressed to say what should have been done with a Taliban-run, al-Qaida-embracing Afghanistan, one is met with silence."
Well they never point out that we protected the Kosovar Muslims, or that it was NATO that went in to protect the Bosnian Muslims from genocide when the UN failed. But this is only because everything the UN does is good and everything that NATO does is bad, therefore the protection of the Kosovars and Bosniacs did not happen and is just a vast conspiracy spun by News Corporation and Halliburton and what is the point of praising something that cannot possibly have happened?
the terrorist threat that Britain faces comes overwhelmingly from British or foreign Muslims; it does not come from Welsh hill farmers or US investment bankers. So it follows that most terror-related investigations will focus on Muslim communities. This isn't picking on Muslims; it is simply a fact of life.
Target the people that carried out the bombings! Racist! Racist! How can he suggest such a thing! No the only way of protecting us from Islamist terror is by targeting non-islamic Anglo-Saxons, the source of all evil.

OK on a slightly less sarcastic note we finally have some sense poking it's head into the pages of everybodies favourite lefty comic. It won't last, in fact it didn't last. Not even for one edition as to give some Guardian style 'balance' they also have Salma Yaqoob of Respect to trot out the guardian approved slogans of how it is all the fault of Iraq. But even he has had to admit that there has been no popular backlash against Muslims, and so had to go to the fall back position of saying that the backlash will come from the politician. Despite the fact that all public figures have been trying to appear nice to the Islamists
Moreover, as British Muslims we must brace ourselves for a backlash - coming not from ordinary people, but from the need of politicians to deflect attention from their own role in this tragedy.
At least going from the lie of there being widespread oppression of Muslims by British natives to the new lie that there is going to be widespread appression of Muslims by the political establishment is progress in narrowing the scope of this Islamic grievance culture.


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